Putting unnecessary movement firmly in the past


Gone are the days when your staff needed to go to different locations to collect all the parts for a particular job.

Workstations built with our modular systems help manufacturers to reduce unnecessary handling and storage in the production area.  All parts needed for a particular job are available at all times, saving valuable time and money.

Designed to take up the correct space – no more, no less. Keeping the exact stock within easy reach for each task eliminates unnecessary movement, which will reduce the time taken to complete a task.

Our workstations can also be height adjustable to suit different operators working at different times. The current operator can adjust the workstation easily themselves, to suit their specific needs. All the parts are within easy reach without the need to twist, bend and stretch – therefore helping to eliminate repetitive strain and other injuries.

All kinds of accessories can be added to the workstation, for example keyboard holders, water bottles and monitors.  Shadow boards can also be added to protect and identify the correct tools for each task.  Parts are easily located and clearly labelled, in accordance with the principles of 5S, Idiot proofing the filling and picking process.

Allocating and encouraging ownership of workstations foster responsibility for the workplace. Staff can take pride in keeping their stations clean and ensuring all parts are well cared for and restocked at the end of each day.

Visual Management can be incorporated onto our workstations for clearly displaying information and making processes transparent.

Our workstations are designed to be refilled by another operator at the back or side so that waiting times are reduced.  Costly delays and production slow downs are eliminated, as the work at the front is uninterrupted and production is maintained at optimum levels.   Staff are more productive and less stressed which means they are less likely to make mistakes and damage items.

Our workstations will help you to optimise your workspace in line with the principles of 5S

    • Sort: everything in its place– parts easily located and clearly labelled
    • Set to order : all parts tidy – and within easy reach to eliminate unnecessary movement
    • Shine: easy to clean – our mobile workstations look great and are easily moved for cleaning
    • Standardise: refilled by operator for continuous consistent processes.
    • Sustain: line flexibility – all our solutions can be modified or reconfigured quickly and easily to meet process changes.

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