GRAPHIT BLACK our range combines the specific advantages of composite systems; lightweight, tactile, easy-to-assemble brackets – with some characteristics of classic steel systems, such as slim bracket profiles and better visual coordination with existing steel solutions. A wide creative range of design-focused components.  This range is stronger and incorporates advanced features and benefits at a price that remains highly competitive.

The brackets can be used with any compatible (28.6mm) system’s tubes without marking or damaging them. This encourages reuse by maintaining the appearance and integrity of components.


The components ensure a sealed and watertight connection that is impervious to dust and liquids.
This means the components can be used indoors and outdoors.

A unique mechanism holds the screw in place for quicker and easier assembly and does not mark the tube.

Connectors are smooth and rounded which makes them comfortable and easier to handle.
This also helps to prevent damage to buildings and equipment. Assembly is quieter than comparable metal systems.

The patented Trilogiq soft-grip material has been improved. This results in better shock absorption and higher maximum loads, especially when used with the second-generation GRAPHIT connectors.

The modern composite materials used eliminate corrosion and scratches. Components are light and rigid for much better durability and reliability.

Components are much lighter than metal systems which makes them ideal for mobile applications. Their strength makes them equally suitable for mobile and static structures.

We offer you the same colours as your existing metal products: black brackets, as before, with tubes available in a choice of materials and colours. This means you can make a perfect match with your old metal applications.

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