One stop to a clean and tidy workplace


Cleaning stations are an essential part of implementing a 5S Programme in any production, workshop or warehouse environment. Helping to eliminate time wasted on searching for missing cleaning equipment and improving health and safety in the workplace.

For the demanding industrial environment, it makes sense to keep tools and equipment in a designated area.  If you are to maintain the ultimate level of hygiene throughout your factory, this applies just as readily to cleaning materials and equipment,  giving quick and easy access to everything needed for keeping a clean environment.   A cleaning station with an incorporated shadow-board shows where everything should be stored.  Missing equipment can be found and replaced immediately when an empty space is identified.
Especially important in food production and pharmaceuticals, to avoid cross-contamination in preparation areas and to reduce potential injury caused by unattended spillages.  Your Cleaning Station keeps everything exactly where it is needed. From colour coded cloths for different types of work surfaces to hand sanitiser for when the cleanup is complete.

Keeping all your cleaning supplies and waste management in one place enables your staff to clean the work area and throw rubbish into the waste bin built into the Station without the need to move away.
Branding your bespoke cleaning stations will strengthen your message.  Cleaning stations can be printed with the department or
area name to avoid being moved into the wrong area or position.
Visual information and documents can be incorporated onto the frames to allow cleaning checklists, schedules and other information to be displayed and changed instantly.  A handy tool for keeping cleaning operatives up-to-date with cleaning policies and company good practice.
Our cleaning solutions are designed to match your exact requirements and space, and can incorporate a bespoke shadow board to fit tools for the task.  We also offer colour coding so tools are identifiable by their function, location and task.

The benefits:

  • Storing cleaning tools in designated locations
  • Highlighting lost or unreturned equipment
  • Quickly identifying damaged or deteriorating cleaning equipment
  • Reducing the risk of injury caused by misplaced equipment
  • Assisting visual management and colour coding policies


Our solutions can be easily implemented into your current manufacturing processes and be immediately ready to use upon installation. Designed to fulfill a specific task and maintain the ultimate level of hygiene throughout your working environment. Contact us for more information.